Structure of Pipelines files:

The pipelines are YAML files located in the pipelines folder (see Configuration).

A pipeline YAML file is structured in two sections defined by the keys info and items.

Info header

The info section contains the following sub-keys

Pipeline Info
keys values
description A quick description of the pipeline
date The date of writing/editing
arguments An optional key containing information used to customize the description of the pipeline arguments

Pipeline items

The items section contains a hierarchical structure, constructed by combining multiple items.

Each element is composed by the following keys:

Pipeline Item
key value
name The name of the pipeline or the snippet which the item represent
type Indicate if the item is a snippet or a pipeline. The value can be any between the choices: snippet, pipeline, batch_snippet or batch_pipeline
arguments The list of arguments of the pipeline/snippets with the template variables used. See Pipeline Item Arguments section
dependencies Optional, Indicate the start of a child items structure constructing a hierarchical dependency between snippets
requirements Optional, a dictionary used to alter the default`requirements` defined in the snippet (it applies only for snippets and batch_snippets)
mute Optional, if set and its value is true, the item will not pass any dependency on the parent items

Pipeline Item Arguments